This Month’s happenings…and beyond

This Month’s happenings…and beyond

Ah, September is here and so begins my most favorite season, spooky season. We have started off our Gruselthon (scary movies marathon) & I’m always looking for something good so please get in touch with your favorites!

I have a few wonderful shows coming up this month, as I am also gearing up to play my first European tour since before Covid. I cannot wait to see my friends again, and play in Germany and England, and as of today there is something in the works for Amsterdam… More info soon!

Here’s where I’ll be in September!

Sept 17 Shiretown Shindig – this is a magical event where people can play out their Middle Earth fantasies, and camp outside and live as hobbits for the weekend. It’s sold out for this year , but if this sounds good to you , definitely look them up online. I’ll be playing my most Shire-like set!

Sept 18 Bristol Porch Fest – holy smokes what a line up in my own home town! A free music festival all on High Street, in historic Bristol-town.

Sept 27 Stomping Ground -Putnam CT I love The Stomping Ground and you will too, come for drinks , afantastic meal and me from 8 to 11 playing every song I know 🙂

Sept 29 School One Fall Festival 4-6 pm at my alma mater!

Love, Allysen Ps : Full line up, times and porch addresses here!


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