This Month’s happenings…and beyond

This Month’s happenings…and beyond

I said I wasn’t going to play any shows this month… But I couldn’t help but say yes to two!

July 11 Brookline MA- Village Social Club Garrison House My first time playing this venue 7-9!

July 13 Willimantic CT – Willimantic Records Bliss Marketplace show Afternoon show , super fun & great shopping!

The rest of the month is reserved for the beach , vacationing with my Cosirecords/Gruselthon family & recording my new record !!!

More on that soon ❤️ I also had a great surprise when my favorite podcast Risk! placed one of my songs in their Dark Sides episode:))
Dark Sides

I hope you’re having an awesome summer! I sure am 🙂 Love, Allysen

PS: I have a song on a Roky Erickson compilation I Think of Demons on Gruselthon preorder is here

ps: Did you know I now have Patreon page, with exclusive videos , plus downloadable demos of new songs & covers? Also, exclusive merch & perks!
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