This Month’s happenings…and beyond

This Month’s happenings…and beyond

Just one last show for 2021 coming up soon at The Rockwell Theatre, in Somerville, MA.

I’ll be playing for the first time in this beautiful listening room with some great musicians, including a reader! The ticket link is here Rockwell Theatre tickets

I highly recommend getting advanced tickets , I hope you’ll come out! I’ll have some exclusive merchandise at this show. :-))

it’s been a fantastic year for me, getting back in front of people to play music has been such an amazing experience. I know a lot of you live pretty far away, and sometimes it’s hard to get out to a show, so for that reason I have started a Patreon. I’ve been recording little concerts I’ve done, plus uploading demos. For even just a dollar a month (or euro as the case may be) you will have access to everything I have put up so far and I hope you’ll join us!

I have a new music room being put together now, & I’m excited to start using my new recording equipment:)

Lots of love,

Spooky Halloween concert is up on my Patreon!

ps: I have begun a Patreon page, with exclusive videos every month, and other fun things, plus & downloadable demos of new songs , plus covers.
If you’re interested, the button is below . No tiers,& even just a dollar or euro a month gets you all the good stuff x plus really helps me out! Become a Patron!