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This Month’s happenings…and beyond

This Month’s happenings…and beyond

Allysen Callery’s 2020 offering, Ghost Folk is here on vinyl and CD.

Ghost Folk is HERE! I have plenty of vinyl for you too, find on my bandcamp page ❤️👻

I’m proud to say it made many year end lists for 2020, and extraordinarily happy so many people have had such nice things to say . Folk radio UK Sideways through sound Guteshoerenistwichtig Top 100 and Best Album 2020 Meine Abrechnung mit 2020. Es muss gehen. Andere tun es doch auch. – guteshoerenistwichtig Bearded Gentlemen Best Noise Rock and Heavy Albums of 2020 | Bearded Gentlemen Music
All Vinyl album & CD purchases also come with a download from bandcamp.

Allysen Callery -Covers My new EP is out today for bandcamp Friday ! These are collection of covers I had recorded with my good friend Bob Kendall, for various labels and a music blog. As thanks to everyone for being so good to me, I am making this release pay what you can, I hope you’ll have a listen and add this special little offering to your collection. Find it here on my bandcamp I’m also extremely honoured to have been asked to contribute to this beautiful compilation for House of Hope , a benefit for a homeless shelter here in Rhode Island that helps those in the most severe need. Link is here : Thank you all so very much , I miss playing for you & I can’t wait to be able to again ❤️ Love, Allysen