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This Month’s happenings

This Month’s happenings

Rough winds doth shake the darling buds of May…
I think we all feel a little shook?!
Hopefully you are all feeling well, and have even ventured
safely out of the house a bit…

They just reopened our park in town, and I am so happily
walking there every day.
Just to breathe in the salt air off the ocean really fills my soul.

TONIGHT is the premier of Pandemic Baby,
an online variety show my friend the musician
Chris Monti out together …
it will be going Live on You Tube at 7:30 pm Eastern Time,
but the link will work afterwards as well in case
you’re overseas and that’s past your bedtime!

I’ll be playing three songs that will be on my
upcoming record “Ghost Folk” coming out Sept 25th ,
which is also my birthday!

I’ll be tuning in and chatting live, I hope you can join us!

Link is here

Allysen More show info:

This episode’s guests:
Allysen Callery – Ephemeral Folk Phantasm –
Atwater – Donnelly – Classic Folk Mainstays –
Paper Heart Puppets – Masterful Manipulator –
Morgan Johnston – Songwriter With Heart –
And it is hosted by:
Chris Monti – Smalltime Empresario – You can contribute to the artists through PayPal and Venmo or
10% of Proceeds goes to The Rhode Island Food Bank