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This Month’s happenings

This Month’s happenings

Happy 2020!

This is a new day.

A new decade, & a new year.
I’m incredibly happy & grateful to announce
that I’ll have a new full length album,
“ghost folk”, coming out in 2020 on Cosirecords,
a vinyl only record label out of Germany, who
also put out The Song the Songbird Sings.
I will also be doing a few shows in Amsterdam & Germany this Fall,
so see you there my faraway friends!

Last month I homemade a little covers project, which is still up on my Soundcloud
until January 6th , which is The Epiphany,
the Feast of the Three Kings & I will take them
down as we take down our Christmas tree.
The venerable Cover Lay Down had some
nice things to say about it :

“Ghost-folk songstress Allysen Callery returns to Cover Lay Down with this year’s
13 Covers of Christmas, a home-recorded, mixed-bag set released a day at a time in the final days leading up to Christmas itself.
of the choices here are simple gifts, learned
quickly and sourced broad –
see, for example, her delicate, hollow take on
Neil Young’s Birds –
but several are true-blue Christmas songs,
including soft and slippery
deconstructions of holiday songs from Elvis,
John Denver, In The Bleak Midwinter and
Act now to hear it: like her music, these annual advent sets are as fleeting and fragile
as they are hauntingly beautiful,
and are as likely as not to disappear before the passing of the year.”
Listen & download for free Here:

It’s Winter & we like to be cozy, I will be only
playing spare shows at nice places.
Dates for January are:

Jan 11- The Find on 6, Johnston, Rhode Island-
in the round in a cool place off the beaten path, browse for antiques & pack a picnic for a
basket pass show .
EARLY show starts at 7:pm

Jan 23- The Armory- Somerville , Massachusetts – The Loop is A singer-songwriter series in a
true listening room.
I’ll be playing with my friend Kelly Spyglass &
Boston’s Illana Katz Katz

This is a new day, a new decade & a new year.
Look ahead, & don’t look back. Be not afraid,
& have courage.
Turn toward the light as a flower seeks the sun.
All things will be well.


A message from Germany :”Rod Serling's birthday is on December 25th, the day you uploaded your record to Dropbox. Is it a coincidence or another story from the "Twilight Zone"..... 👻”

A message from Germany :”Rod Serling’s birthday is on December 25th, the day you uploaded your record to Dropbox. Is it a coincidence or another story from the “Twilight Zone”….. 👻”