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About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

It’s such a nice day outside I won’t waste too much time, but here are the shows I’m playing this month, all amazing, in the coolest places, with the best of people!

May 4th The Galactic- Warren, RI with legendary cool cat Alec K Redfearn

May 10th- Newport to Nashville- Newport, RI with Bob Kendall & Bill Bartholomew of Silverteeth

May 11th- Common Grounds Coffee House- Block Island, RI- all me, free

May 19th- The Root Cellar- Greenfield, MA- Mystra Records Nite- ShrnnirS, Ralph White & Janane Tripp

May 27th- Dream Away Lodge- Beckett, MA- with Joshua Burkett

One time,as a favor for liking my Facebook page at 1000, I had promised to record a cover of their choice, and it was Radiohead’s “How To disappear Completely”
I posted it a couple days ago, and was amazed to see it get coverage on Ryan’s Smashing Life , I am very honored

He writes ” It’s a little after 4 am and I’m writing and listening to music when I suddenly uncover this wispy, beautiful cover of Thom Yorke’s “How To Disappear Completely” by one of my favorite New England folk artists. Allysen Callery is known for her tales of hope and despair and her poetic deliveries have well-earned her the genre label of “ghost folk.” And of course, this would be the perfect Radiohead song for her to cover. It’s a fragile, bleak and sorrowful realization. Waking up hours before the sun and doing a little poking around can yield fantastic results.”

Thank you Ryan Spaulding! & Thank you to Micheal Peter for requesting, I love Radiohead, but have never tried singing one of their songs.

Here’s the link to the cover, free to listen & download

Enjoy the sunshine! Hope to see you out there in the world !

Lots of love,


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