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About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

My friend in Amsterdam took this picture of Record Palace shop front, & this really good record is there, you should go buy it! 😉

I am planning on coming over to play in Oberhausen, Germany, & in Amsterdam at Record Palace, and hopefully also Belgium or Denmark.
If you can host a house concert, or run a venue, or have any ideas where I can play in those last two places, please do get in touch.

I have a few great shows this month, in MA, VT & Providence, RI – I’d love to see you there!

March 8th- Tavern at the End of the World, Charlestown, MA- with Karen Zanes

March 9th- The Stone Church, Brattelboro, VT with- folk legend Gary Higgins, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Bridge of Flowers , ME & the first ever public performance of Not the Twin of Mr Snoopy

This Concert was recorded , & can now be streamed & downloaded on my bandcamp page.

March 20- Northeastern University, Boston, MA- playing for the lunchtime crew at NEU, the kids are alright. Students , Staff, Alumni & Faculty only.

March 26th- The Alex & Ani Lounge- Providence ,RI- GoLocal Prov has started a live venue in partnership with Alex & Ani, go online on facebook Monday at 5:30 pm & see what’s up with that!

March 28- The Grange, Providence, RI-with Andrew Victor & Swimming Bell

Happy International Women’s Day, please listen to some women today on Spotify- here’s my station just to get you started.

The last time I’d played The Stomping Ground in Putnam, CT- I met a real live Blacksmith & his wife, this song has been in my head ever since, so today I decided to play it!

Free download for reading this far.

Lots of love, your friend,

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