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About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

It’s my 10 year music anniversary!

Hi there 🙂

Sept 2017 is a big deal date for me, because it marks 10 years since I released my first studio album (Hopey) on the day that happened to be my 40th birthday, which at the time I thought was pretty old haha!
The venue I played even got me a cake, as you can see (chocolate is my favorite).

In those 10 years I have put out a total of 11 releases, on 4 different labels , including a compilation of early works on Mystra records & a Christmas album with my daughter Ava Callery, who has grown up to also become a singer-songwriter, but she’s upped the coolness factor by playing electric guitar.
I got married , & have toured in Europe 4 times , this month will mark my 5th visit & first time playing in Paris!

I have plans to record a compilation of British Folk songs that have inspired me since I was (I’d thought) the only weirdo American kid listening to Steeleye Span, & also a full length album for Idea Records. All sometime next year most likely.

In the meantime, I’m playing shows- come say hi!

Sept 8 Greenvale Vineyard- Portsmouth- with my bud Bob Kendall, Malerie Day & me- playing music for the wine sipping crowd.

Sept 9- Freestone OR Oooze Festival-Amherst- I’m at the Brickhouse Sat night with many acts, this continues in the Sun on Amherst Common on Sunday with many more acts, very cool event for the coolest of cats!

Sept 14 NEU- Boston, playing music for the college kids at lunch. Open to Students, alumni & faculty.

Sept 22- Paris – secret venue. This venue is so secret because it’s in a private club, that doesn’t even let you whisper it’s name. I will after tho.
IF you live in Paris, or are close enough to come please write to me & I may be able to get you in.

Sept 25- I turn the BIG 5 OH. I don’t mind at all, I am still pretty cute, huh? Music keeps me happy, and moving.
Thank you for being there for me, your incredible support lets me feel free to create.

Love always,

PS: Prince’s Pine reviews have all been stellar, if you missed out on getting a physical copy & you’d like one, I WILL be creating my own design, & fashioning some homemade ones that will be super special.
Coming soon!
Here’s my fave so far:

“Situated midway between Shirley Collins and Sibylle Baier , Providence Rhode Island’s Allysen Callery is the most bewitching and beguiling modern folk singer/guitarist you’ve likely yet to hear . Her excellent new mini CD what “recorded in a greenhouse by the edge of the woods with natural birdsong, frog and cricket jams” (it’s true ) you can hear every slide up the strings and every knock on the body of her acoustic guitar in full , ringing finger style sound . No bluffing, no-frills, and a voice shaped by the Creator for singing.”- Dynamite Hemorrhage (2017)
print version

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