About Allysen Callery

Come see me in Brooklyn x

I love you , I miss you, I’m leaving.

This is the month when I get out of Dodge. I’ve gassed up my car, changed the oil & all I need is a hug when I see you.

July 2- Plough & Stars- Cambridge, MA with my friend Blackwolfgoat, ambient drone metal.

July 11- Never Ending Bookstore- New Haven, CT with Lys Guillorn

July 12- Pete’s Candy Store- Brooklyn, NY with Heidi Harris & Matthew Mead

July 26- Portsmouth Book & Bar- Portsmouth, NH -with my brother Haunt the House

July 29- Channing Memorial -Newport, RI-with Bob Kendall, Mark Cutler & Ken Shane

I have a brand new EP Allysen Callery for Folk Radio UK

Artwork by the great William Schaff , recording and production by the illustrious Bob Kendall.

You can stream & buy here, or come see me at a show.
Or visit my dear friends at 75 or Less Records but they only have 7 copies left, so hurry!
***Now SOLD OUT at 75 or Less***

On Aug 1 & 2 I will be playing 4 shows at the Buffalo Infringement Festival, so if you are out that way let’s get a drink.

See you soon & I cannot wait,

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2 Responses to About Allysen Callery

  1. e. says:

    greatings from germany, in the near of switzerland. we love your music too. ;)

    • admin says:

      My apologies, E~ I saw what I thought was a Swiss Flag & thought you were writing from there. I guess I need to come back soon to learn my flags better ;) Thank you so very kindly for your lovely words about my little Winter Island …xAllysen