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About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

June Dates! A New Song & Video from Germany , mother daughter shows

Providence , Block Island & Warren

Three Special Shows In June!
This is a busy month for me, but I am taking the time out for three special shows that are all fantastic-& two of them I get to share with my favorite singer-songwriter, my daughter Ava Callery!

June 8 – Front Porch Concert ! All day tons of singer songwriters, in a beautiful & happy home. I play at 7:30 Ava is at 8
Villa Villekulla 12 Observatory Ave, PVD
Passthe hat!

June 12-Block Island Music Fest
omg Block Island Music Fest is so fun & you’re on an Island! Ava is in at 5 pm , I’m on at 7!
Free Show!

June 27- Made in Warren- I’ll be playing music in the beautiful artisan gift shop on Arts night from 6:30 -8:30
Come visit & shop!
Free show , tips appreciated

This June 20th I’m also celebrating 10 years of marriage to Ted Hayes, if you know him you’ll know why 10 years has flown by! The most wondrous & adventurous soul, life has been a miracle since we met.

Lastly, but with great love- I share this beautiful video created by my friends in Oberhausen , where my label Cosirecords lives !
They asked me to record Michael Hurley ‘s song The Werewolf, which I first heard by Cat Power.
They then surprised me with a video! I love it!!

See it here:

That’s about it, lots of love & hope to see you soon!

Broken hearted Werewolf, have sympathy & watch his video <3
I love playing shows with my daughter Ava Callery, hope to see you at JJ’s June 8th , or Block ISland June 12th!
Photo by Mojo Photography at the Providence Folk Fest Fundraiser at Galactic Theatre