This Month’s happenings

This Month’s happenings

Isn’t it beautiful?

I want to thank all the young people who
are working to make this a more beautiful
world, the world needs your energy , your
focus and your youthful optimism
for change to happen.
Change CAN happen, when enough people
believe and support one another .

I had a few shows this month that I was really
looking forward to, one in particular with
my good friend the lovely & mysterious
Karen Zanes, and my beautiful daughter
Ava Callery.
It was going to be at a place I’d been trying
to get into play for over a year,
The Hearing Room-
we are rescheduled for this Autumn –
We made a little home recording show so
we could still play some songs for you this
weekend ❤️

The link is here
and we will go live on YouTube at
7 pm EST Saturday night, with a live chat
as well! 
If you live far away and that’s too late
for you, the link will still be up afterwards
too 👻

Let us love one another, and find
the reasons & ways we are one.