About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

Woke up today & it’s SNOW DAY! Not a ‘real’ one, of course- I still had to go to work at noon, but this morning I woke up to a Winter Wonderland.
I still think Winter is fantastic, probably because I don’t usually have to shovel. (Thank you Ted!!)

This February newsletter comes a couple days early, because I just got added to a show Jan 31st at the legendary Club Passim, opening the night up for Avi Jacob, who will also bring Kat Wolff of the Wolff Sisters up on stage with him for some duets.
Listening rooms are rare & precious jewels, & it would mean the world to me to see some friends there for me.
<3 Here are my dates:
Jan 31 Club Passim- Cambridge, MA opening the show for Avi Jacob, a truly gifted performer & songwriter.
Doors 7 pm

Feb 6- The Stomping Ground- Putnam, CT- Playing the Stomp is always a fun challenge for me, because it’s a 3 hour show (sing it like Gilligan) & I play some covers & rarities that don’t usually see the light of day.
8 pm-11pm
Free & it’s TACO TUES WHAT

Feb 24- Warp & Weft – Lowell, MA – My first time at Warp & Weft, they’ve been getting a lot of prominent folk acts over there, & I’m proud to play. The place looks FANTASTIC & Lowell is the birthplace of Jack Kerouac , & I hope his ghost comes to listen. You come too.
10-11:55 pm

Tonight at 9:30 I’m being interviewed on CT radio station WPKN-FM 89.5 by Jim Motavalli, so tune in & who the heck knows what I’m gonna say?

Love always,

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