About Allysen Callery

About Allysen Callery

Oh November, the best month to wear big grey sweaters & feel a little melancholy as you kick your way through the dead leaves & breath in the chill.
I love it.
I am a generally happy person , but a big streak of November cuts through my heart & soul, like metal ore of some kind.

Last November I was feeling extra alone, & melancholy, on the road I began to listen to Nick Drake’s Family Tree (which is excellent!) & was so moved I wrote the lyrics to a song, even while driving.

This song I called November Man, & I have released it as a free download on Soundcloud here:

Soundcloud allows 100 downloads, so please do feel free!

In addition, I am offering a one of a kind, absolutely exclusive demo of November Man, which was recorded in one take & cut directly to vinyl at Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn.
Made of clear vinyl, this 7 inch record is the only physical copy , and no digital copy exists.
The ultimate prize for your Allysen Callery collection.

Auction link here:November Man Single on EBay

All proceeds will help me release my full length album in 2019, which will be called Ghost Folk.
I’m working with the producer Myles Baer again, who recorded & produced my first 4 records, Hobgoblin’s Hat fans take note!

I have one public show this lonely month, Thursday night at the Parlour in Providence. I hope you can make it!

November 15th- The Parlour- Providence, RI- with Swimming Bell, Wild Yawp & Jillian Kay!
It’s a LADIES NIGHT . Prepare for Femme Face Melt.

That’s all for now, Happy thanksgiving & I am sure thankful to have love & enduring friendship in my life. & kitties :))
I wish the same for you! Dogs if you’re allergic.


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