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Buongiorno a tutti! (Good morning everybody)

That’s one of about 5 Italian phrases I know, because my orchestra teacher would say it, when I was a kid on violin missing Sat morning cartoons.
But it’s going to come in handy, because this week I am traveling to Italy! First stopping in Brighton England to play a show, then I have my first Italian mini-tour!!

Here are my October dates:

Oct 7- Rose Hill Tavern , Brighton England

Oct 8 – liberia Corteccia, Milan, Italy

Oct 9-Villa Litta, Lainate-Milan Italy

Oct 10- Officina Naturalis- Turin, Italy

Oct 11 Caffe della Caduta, Turin, Italy

Oct 23- Infinity Music Hall & Bistro, Norfolk CT

Oct 27- Northeastern University, Boston MA

Last month Brett Davey, one of the best guys around RI made me a couple videos so I’d have something new for SXSW, here is one that came out super cool

Also the incredibly mysterious Mystra Records in Amherst put out an Easy Rider Compilation , & I contributed I Wasn’t Born to Follow, with help from my bud Bob Kendall.
You can hear here:

& the link to purchase is here:
On Mystra Records EZ /The ride continues comp
cassette format

That’s all for now, more good things to come ! <3 Love, Allysen Follow allysencallery on Twitter Follow me on Twitter!

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