This Month’s happenings

This Month’s happenings

I have come full circle…
I’ve been playing nylon strings again! & I Love it!

About a year ago my husband Ted got my dad’s classical guitar
fixed for me for Christmas. I have been loving
to play & record on it.
I truly believe that guitars hold songs in them, & after a very long
dry spell , I’ve written 4 new songs in the past month:))
I’ve been recording at my friend Myles’ house , so there will be
even more new music soooon…

The one issue was, I would really like to play
this guitar out, but
there was no pick up & there was no way I’d
ever drill a hole
into my dad’s precious baby.
But I found a very cool detachable pick up, the KNA NG-1, & as you
can see from the picture, it’s very discreet , &
I love the way it sounds
as good as it looks. Highly recommend!

Just a couple awesome shows:

March 7- The Burren-Somerville, MA- a stacked bill with my good
friends, Avi Jacob, Haunt the House (solo) &
Swimming Bell (solo).
We are in the round for a LUNCHTIME SHOW . This is my first time playing this legendary
room, & I’d Love to see you there!
Tickets are discounted if you buy early so head over to
It will be a super fun day in Boston, & most
museums are free that day
if you have Bank of America/Museums on us.
Please come out :))

March 20- The Galactic- Warren, RI- an
awesome bar in a very cool town, or vice versa- with Andrew Victor & Bank of Ireland, so come
out & get your folk on.

I have so much more to say, but it will have to wait!
Lots of love,