This Month’s happenings…and beyond

This Month’s happenings…and beyond

Ghost Folk release date is Oct 30!

When the air turns cold, & the veil is thin …
Cosirecords Schallplatten will release my
new record Ghost Folk unto the world 👻
I like to think of people listening under
blankets on Halloween, lighting candles
and sipping wine.

Due to the limited amount of copies ,
vinyl pre-orders will start in September.
If you are outside of the USA, please
pre-order with Cosirecords to save on
shipping & get your copy quickly xo

Here is a little taste…

I am playing a couple ‘social distance
shows’, a house concert July 25th in
my friend Andrew Victor’s backyard.
Seating is closed but the concert will
be streamed online via Instagram
& Facebook , check my pages for info.

Aug 1st- Greenwich Odeum will have
their first musical performance since
re-opening. I am honored to have been
invited to play, along with my friend
Heather Rose , & Marc Von Em.
It’s a huge room, and only 100 seats
will be open.

Sadly The Providence Folk Fest cannot
happen this year, but Next year we will
sing & dance in the sun.

Be well!
I climbed the Welch -Dickey Loop last week!